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Related post: Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 03:53:42 EDT From: Subject: Pure Lights- Chapter 6 (fantasy)Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction that includes myth, magic, and angels. It contains the relationship between two males. The events are figments of the author's imagination. free gallery latin lolita If you are repulsed by any of the contains of this story please feel free to leave. If you free lolita video access are not old enough to be here, please leave immediately.Authors Notes: This is my second story. This is a cute lolita teen pics story of love, mystery and magic. It is not a lola bbs tgp info story to get off on. It may tiny girl lolita models contain some sexual tension between the characters. Please enjoy reading this story. Sorry if there are typos or mistakes, I usually type after I get off work, which means late night. So I usually don't know what I'm doing when I type. I would love to hear your comments of what you think of this story so far. Feel free to email me at or at Join others at my group chat at 6- A lolita nymphet porn lists Heart Full of Light In his dimension Dean woke up hearing Chaos' voice laugh and say, "I win pure light." Dean's eyes went wide open and went to the mirror. Horror young russian girl lolita came over his face when he saw the deaths of Trinity, Myra, and Crystal. Tears started to lolitas nudist photo gallery trickle down his face. "Crystal... Myra... it can't be!!" Dean cried out. "Don't cry for us Dean, for we are not gone yet." tiny lolita russian pussy Crystal's voice spoke. Dean looked up and saw the glowing spirits of Myra, Crystal, and Trinity. All three spirits smiled at him. The elweb lolita bbs toplist scenery around them changed into a meadow. Trinity's spirit floated over to Dean. "Dean, I lolita rape tgp chill now give my belief in you that you can save small girl lolitas porn this world of ours. All you have to do is believe in yourself and the others that love you. Even if they are spirits they are not totally gone until you think they are." "He's right Dean. If you think we are gone, then all is gone even the light in your heart." Myra added. Dean started to feel more power stir within him. "We will now show you what happened long ago when Chaos first tried to cover earth in darkness and evil." All three glowed and there was a flash of radiant light. Dean closed his eyes and opened them to see angels and pure lights fighting Chaos' minions. His attention was directed to some group of people. He gasped when he saw one of the angels. "Matthew!?" "Arden, we must do something. If this keeps up our beautiful world will become a world of death and darkness." Another angel said. "Yes Nathaniel, I agree, but we mustn't be hasty. For I sense that we last five angels and pure lights are the last in the world. We must first find a safe place and make a strategy non nude lolita 12 and free lolita pubescent lolita destroy the lord of darkness." Arden looked at Nathaniel. "So Nathaniel was in the great battle 100 best lolita paysites the first time Chaos came and tried to conquer earth." Dean thought. "I agree with you my love. We must try to gather the last of your strength and power to overcome this evil." A copper haired man agreed with Arden. All the last remaining of the angels and lights agreed. The sky then turned black, and lightning struck in the sky. A cold wind blew strong. "I am the lord of all darkness and the ruler of this top gallery lolita nude world!" Chaos appeared and laughed, "All I have to do to secure my reign is to kill the last of the angels and pure lights." "Chaos, we will not be killed so easily!" Nathaniel galery lolita little tgp shouted back at Chaos. "We will see about that angel. Be prepared for your irradication!" Chaos produced a ball of dark power and sent it at the angels free lolita sex videos and the pure lights. Some of the lights and angels were too weak to dodge the attack, and faced their death. "I told you some of us are not the easily killed." Nathaniel shot up in the sky like a bullet at Chaos. The sound of clashing swords echoed the sky. " I can not be killed either angel of light. I am a dark god with eternal life." Chaos laughed. Nathaniel and Chaos continued to fight with swords. Meanwhile back on the ground Arden and pre teen lolita desnuda his love Raoul watched as the two fought. "Can this finally be the end my love?" Raoul asked. "It can be if we think it is." Arden answered. "Did I ever tell you that I love you so much." Raoul looked into Arden's eyes. Both of them started to glow with light. Nathaniel headed to the ground after being hit by Chaos. "Now you must die!" Chaos dove straight for Nathaniel. Just when Chaos was to give his final blow on Nathaniel and beam of light collided with Chaos sending him flying away russian model cp lola from Nathaniel. As weak in his condition, Nathaniel looked at where the beam of light came from. "Arden, Raoul you mustn't." Nathaniel called out. "To protect this world we love and for the people that we love, we will sacrifice our lives and seal the lord of darkness away so he can never be able to cover this world again." illegal lolita nude porn They both said. "Don't make me laugh, I'll kill you before you will be able to do anything." Chaos charged towards Arden and Raoul. "I love underage teen sex lolita you Arden." Raoul gave his angel a kiss. "I love you too." Arden embraced Raoul. Both lifted off the lolita teen porn bbs ground and floated in the air as the light around them grew stronger and powerful. Bolts of light shot out from them and flew in all directions. Chaos tried to avoid the powerful bolts but got hit. He didn't give up on his charge. With their final ounce of power the light around them spread around the world. "What!!! This can't be, I can not be killed..." Chaos shouted as the light cloaked him, and he was taken by the light. The dark clouds in the sky started to disperse and light again filled the world. Nathaniel got up all healed from his fight with Chaos. Nathaniel clinched his fist as tears fell down his face. He looked up to the sky and thought. "Thanks my friends, for saving this world, by why did you have to sacrifice your a lolita bbs pics love and your lives?" Dean was awe struck with seeing the battle that he couldn't help but cry tears girl lolita forbidden naked of sorrow. teen juniors panties lolita All the sudden light glowed behind him. "Pure light from the future, what you have seen is a display of what is in your heart that was in ours." Dean looked behind him and couldn't move for who he saw. "You're.." Is all that could escape from his mouth. "Yes, we are the one's you just saw sacrifice our lives to save this world." Arden spoke. dark lolita pay sites "But was that the only way to save the world, to sacrifice your love, and your life?" Dean asked. "Unlike you pure light you being a triple pure light, and none existed until later on after the cute lolitas movies panties battle, it was the only way to save this world." Raoul answered. "For you see you can save this world in a different way then what we did. You can actually kill Chaos, and not sacrifice anyone, especially the one's lolitas 13 years anal you love, and hold most dear to your heart. You can draw power from your friends, and loved one's to cover the young top lolita model world in light." Arden added. "But now is the time for you to return to your time and your friends. Let the light in your young tiny lolita pussy heart save this world once more." Both said in unison and faded away. "Wait!!" Dean shouted as a flash of light blinded him.When Dean opened his eyes again, he was back in his dimension. Tears streaked down his cheeks, and remembered their words. preteen lolita 7-14 nymphs The three spirits appeared again. "It is time for you to light up this world and awaken." They said and turned into balls of light. All three flew directly into his lolita sweet poohnany pics necklace. "Feel our love, hope and belief in you and light your heart up." Dean heard their voices inside his head. "I feel something burning inside, deep inside." Dean started to glow with his light. "That's right. Think of all the people that lolitas ls news bbs became your friends and why you meet them. Remember loved ones of yours. Draw your strength from them." Trinity's voice spoke. In Dean's mind, flashes of faces of the one's he holds close to his heart appeared. Then Matthew's face flashed. "Oh Matthew. lolitas free pics 11yo I love you so much." Dean whispered. "And I you Dean." underage lolita pthc preview Matthew's voice was heard in Dean's heart. Dean gasped. This made Dean's light glow even brighter. Then a picture of everyone that he loves flashed in his mind. Dean's heartbeat got loud in his dimension. Rays of light shot in every direction. "My friends, family. You are so important to me. Help me to over great lolita bbs baby come the darkness and bring light back into this world of ours." Dean asked. His necklace glowed brighter with every thought. Inside his heart he heard his own voice call to him, "It is time to light up this dimension and finally be free." Dean released all of his power. Light covered all the darkness of his dimension. Back in the room his body laid in, light surrounded his body. "David looked at Dean!!" foto lolita teniendo sexo Zach got David's attention. "What in the world?" David gasped. Dean's body started to float above the bed. They both heard Dean's voice, "I'm free." The light covered Dean. With in an instant, the light flashed and his body floated back down on the bed. Zach and David stood frozen in place not knowing lolita pussy top sites what lolita top nude galleries just young thai lolita cum happened. They heard groans from Dean. Dean then opened his eyes, and looked over to latin lolitas nude pics where Zach and David stood. "Hey you guys." Dean smiled. Zach ran over and hugged Dean and started to cry. "Dean you came back to us!" Dean hugged Zach. "I'm glad that you've returned to us Dean. So much has happened since you've been gone." David smiled. "Nathaniel, where is Nathaniel? Dean asked. "He's preteen spanking pics lolitas in his quarters. He was badly injured." Zach answered. "I must talk to him." Dean stood up, and lolita pussy pic gallery started to fall, but David caught him. "Here lolitas ls magazine issue let us help you." David said as him and Zach underage japanese nude lolitas helped him to the door. When they went to Nathaniel's uncensored little lolitas toplist quarters he was most of the remaining angels and pure lights that still where living from the fight. Some healing and resting. When the door to Nathaniel's quarters asian lolita young chat opened they entered. Nathaniel looked at the door and saw Dean being petite lolita russian models carried with the help of Zach and David. "Now there is a sight for sore eyes." Dean smiled as they entered. "Dean! You've broken Chaos' spell." Nathaniel's face overcame with joy. "I need to talk you Nathaniel about the first war with Chaos." Dean sat on side of the bed Nathaniel was resting on. Nathaniel sighed and knew what he must tell. "I was drawn back in time lolitas collection 16 yo to when the first war was. I saw how it ended in tears and in victory. I saw you." Dean added. "Then you know all about it. About how they sacrificed themselves and their love for each other to save this world then?" Nathaniel spoke. Dean nodded his head, "Nathaniel, I promise you that what happened in the past won't repeat itself." "I'm glad to hear that from you Dean. I wanted to tell someone this tragic story if this ever happened again. You might be able to not sacrifice your and Matthew's love, since you are a triple pure light, they were just only pure lights, and Matthew is a pure light angel, so it is possible save this world without sacrifice of lives." Nathaniel felt more relaxed. "So what's the situation at this current moment?" Dean asked. "So far Chaos has most of the world rid of us, except us surviving on this lolita virgin preteen xxx island. We expect him to make is finally move at any moment. So if we fight to our death then so be it." Nathaniel spoke. "That won't be necessary Nathaniel, cause I'll make sure of that." Dean reassured Nathaniel. "What innocent lolita sex pictures do you plan to do Dean?" Nathaniel was curious to lolita bbs young portal know. "Simply to face Chaos and kill him or seal him so he is never be able to spread is evil and little lolitas nudes xxx dark power anymore, and free my beloved angel." Dean spoke forcefully. "But no one knows where Matthew is." Nathaniel explained. "You forgot already about our bond didn't you that every pure light and angel have. If I use my heart I can find his heart and find out where he is." Dean smiled, "But before that Chaos must die." "Then there is no changing your mind is there?" Nathaniel asked. "I'm afraid you would have to kill be to do that." Dean sarcastically remarked. "Then you nude teen lolita links must do what you must do. Please go and give Chaos lolita teens 14 years hell Dean." Nathaniel joked. "Don't worry about that. I'll make sure I'll put him through hell and back." Dean added. "Then we are going with small lolita pussy pictures you." Dean felt a hand on his shoulder. Dean turned his head to see David and Zach, and smiled. "Thank you two, we'd better hurry up before this world we love becomes Chaos' completely." Dean turned around and headed out of the room. russian lolita jpg xxx "David, Zach, please protect him at any cost, he might be our only chance to save this world." Nathaniel instructed the two. David and Zach nodded in agreement and went after Dean. Meanwhile in New York City Chaos and his dark minions were celebrating their almost complete victory. "Once we have all those pure lights and angels put out for good the pantie teen free lolita world is ours!" Chaos gave a speech to the dark lights. Just then a voice spoke, "That is if you can nude lola preteen dark kill us first!" Chaos looked behind the dark light covered street to see Dean, David and free naked young lolitas Zach. "Pure light, how nice of you to join us, but just a little late though." Chaos taunted. "It's never too late for miracles." David added back. "Ha! You're in a city cover with dark lights non nude lolitas pics what makes you think that just the three of you top lolita bbs a can even get close to me?" Chaos laughed and the dark lights followed. "That's where I come in!" Dean started glowing with radiant light. The dark lights stopped laughing, "Kill them all." Chaos commanded. The dark lights did as their master instructed them to do and charged for the three. "Split up!" Dean commanded to Zach and David. "Come pre teen lolitas forbidden here my pretty darkies, I'm your liberator." Dean smiled as dark lights came his way. Dean's eyes glowed with light, "Holy Light Halo!" Over Dean's head a circle of light formed and expanded with great speed clearing a naked little schoolgirl lolitas good portion of the charging dark lights. "Catch me if you can!" Zach taunted is pursuers. A dark light appeared in front of him stopping him in his tracks. "Sonic Light Wave!" A ripple effect of light rings spread out around Zach. "Now this is what I call fun." Zach smiled and continued to attack more dark lights. David just stood in the street and watched as the herd of dark lights came closer to very young lolita blowjobs him. When the dark hot young lolitas preteenz lights where in striking distance, David quickly opened his wings and flew up. With is wings spread out his wings glowed with light and shot rays of light at the dark lights, killing the first wave. "I'll let you have some fun pure light, if you want to find me, I'll be at my throne." Chaos disappeared. "Go after him Dean, you must save this world and bring light back into this world." David said sweet lil lolitas pictures as he made another attack on the nude lolitas girls latinas dark lights. "With pleasure." Dean started to glow brighter and started through the street pack of dark lights. Within ten feet of him a shower of light beams shot out in every direction killing multiples of dark lights. More dark lights came and tried attacking Dean from every direction, but meet deadly light beams. After seeing this for free lollitas pic preteen awhile the dark lights moved out of the way of the shower of beams. Dean then stopped and looked back at David and Zach fighting. "Just to make it a little more interesting and fun." Dean smiled. The dark top model preteen lolite clouds little love loli sex above parted and a ball of light hovered above the street. It just hovered there for awhile then quickly dropped. As soon as the ball hit the ground it exploded and grew bigger and bigger, clearing most of the district of dark lights. David and Zach lil lola top 100 just laughed as more dark lights came out of the woodwork. Dean walked down the street some more sense a presence. His heart grew warm and glowed brilliantly. "That only can mean.." Dean gasped. Dean followed the presence. In a building not to far from where Dean preteen nonnude lolita nymphets was walking Matthew laid down. Light started to pulsate around his body. Once Dean came to the building where he felt Matthew's presence the strongest, he tried to move forward, but was struck with black lightning. Dean got up from the pavement and dusted himself off. lolita young girl pictures He then sent a tiny beam of lolicon 3d real preteen light at the building. teen nn top loli lolas worldly nymphs xxx As the beam hit a barrier black lightning struck the beam of light. "Just as I thought, a force field so no one can come in." Dean thought. Dean then felt Chaos' presence and preteen nude lolita anya looked best teens lolitas virgen over his shoulder down another street. Chaos was sitting in his throne. "That's right pure light, just makes things more interesting. You don't think that it would be that easy did you?" Chaos' laugh echoed. "For a moment there Chaos, I thought it was, but then I snapped back to reality." Dean preteen sites lolita sites smiled back. "So how very little lolita gallery do you like the scenery around you pure light? Wonderful isn't it?" Chaos gloated. "It's kinda dark teen bikini lolita ametuer and drabby. Whoever is your decorator, you russian 12yr lolita photos should sue them, cause man did they ripped you off big time." Dean remarked. Dean started to walk down the street towards Chaos. From out of the buildings preteen lolita model directory and alleyways dark lights jumped out. The dark lights then faced the glowing lolita nymph preteen underage radiation of light being emitted from Dean. "Boy this gets better and better." Dean taunted Chaos as, not a scratch was laid on him. Dean just stopped in the middle of the street and stopped glowing. From art 18 teens lolitas on top of the roof, more dark lights attacked Dean. As they came closer they where blinded and killed instantly, as Dean shined like the sun, covering the russian lolita nymphet tgp area he was standing in. "I'm just full of surprises for you followers." Dean was getting bored, "When does this get interesting?" With his last mocking comment Chaos stood up from his throne, "If it's interesting you want, interesting you'll get pure light." Dark beams soon raced towards Dean. The beams just hit the ground or the surrounding buildings. As soon as the young lolita bbs posts dust cleared Dean was holding up a shield of light around him. "You're nn preteen lolitas legal not doing your best Chaos, you're holding back." Dean commented. Chaos grew a little impatient, "Okay let's get serious then." "I thought you'd never say that." Dean smiled. Light speeding bullets Chaos and Dean flew at each pedo underage lolita child other. They clashed as they held each other by their hands. Sparks started to fly from their hands as light nude russian lolita art and dark fought against each other. Dean then screamed out loud. Blood soon ran down his arms. Chaos extracted the sharp objects that came from his palm. With pain filling his hands Dean then produced a light beam and grabbed it and swung it at Chaos. Chaos produced his own beam and stopped Dean's beam from causing any harm. "If you want to play dirty, let me play dirty too." Dean smirked. Right behind Chaos to beams flew into loli nude child pic Chaos' shoulders. It was Chaos' turn to scream. "That's impossible, I can not be harmed. I'm the dark lord." "Well even the dark lord can have pain befallen on him." loli photo blog nude Dean snapped back. "I thought I was going to have fun tormenting you pure light, but now the battle free lolitas preteens nonnude has begun." Chaos used a dark force ball to send Dean flying backwards into a building. Above a large dark lightning beam struck Dean. Breathing for every bit of air Dean slowly got up. He then glowed with light and looked at the clouds. His eyes glowed and above Chaos huge bolts of light fell down on him, causing him to scream in agony. Dean was free young lolita video on his knees loli girls nude pics trying to catch his breath. Before he knew it Chaos advanced on him. The next thing Dean knew was Zach was holding Chaos from getting close to him. "Zach, what are you doing?" Dean yelled. "Nathaniel said that we need to protect you from any harm, and that's what I'm doing." Zach explained. "Foolish pure light, then you must meet your end." Chaos used a force ball against Zach. Chaos then formed a dark spear object at Zach. Zach felt the sharp object pierce threw him. Zach collapsed as the spear went through his left lung. David then pre-teen lolita photo galleries caught him before he fell flat on the ground. "NO ZACH!!" David screamed. "David my lovely angel, just kiss me." Zach smiled painfully. David went wide-eyed and kissed Zach on the lips. "I love you David." Zach softly spoke his last words. David laid Zach's motionless body on the ground. The angel stood up and glowed brighter, and flew straight to Chaos. Chaos met David's sword. Chaos let out another scream of agony.Sorry free lolalists com gallery to end it here, but I need something to start the next chapter. I'm very sorry that it took me so long to get this chapter done. But finally I got to finish it. I know it's a cliffhanger, but I kinda like cliffhangers. free virgin girl lolitas Please let me know what you think? Email me at
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